About Us

A part time business since its launch at Spruce Meadows in 2004, Miss Filly remains loyal to its creative and entrepreneurial spirit. The company brings design, creativity and innovation with an urban twist to the equestrian lifestyle. From collection to collection, a stylized Miss Filly icon serves as the starting point for the creation of new designs. The filly is most definitively feminine and celebrates the powerful bond between women and horses throughout history and this connection is central to the company.

Creating contemporary, delightful and quality design is a central goal of Miss Filly. Like the roots of many of the world’s great fashion houses such as Hermes, Gucci and Coach who share an equestrian heritage and iconography, Miss Filly designs will delight equestrians, horse lovers and fashionistas alike.

Central to the Miss Filly Manifesto is the belief that horses transform mind, body and spirit and supporting our community is core to this social venture business. Over the years, Miss Filly has donated both product and a portion of sales to activities and initiatives which celebrate or connect girls and women and horses.

Heather O'Hara - Designer & Founder

Miss Filly Manifesto

At Miss Filly, we believe that horses transform mind, body + spirit. Joy, freedom, grace, trust and confidence are special gifts from horses that help us realize our dreams. 

At Miss Filly, our passion is horses.

Contact Us

Miss Filly is stabled virtually online and is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Please email if you would like to contact us:  info@missfilly.com